We are strengthening our roots in local business! 

Thera Tek USA and PT United, a PT-owned cooperative of private practice clinicians, are merging to provide the highest level of service to advance your business performance.

Thera Tek USA, a mainstay in PT distribution, now has access to PT United's by-the-therapist, for-the-therapist technology-enabled solutions. Continue to enjoy the same local service you know and love while saving valuable time and money by utilizing our proprietary, procurement technology Supply Stream: Click here and sign up for Supply Stream today!

We offer hot and cold packs that help reduce swelling, bruising, and inflammation. Our cold packs provide fast relief from injuries, while our hot packs help with muscle relaxation, sprains, and strains. Chattanooga Group hydrocollator hot packs and Mabis reusable hot packs are the best-of-the-best moist therapy hot packs on the market.

We sell a variety of cold packs for everyday use, including our specialty ice packs for compression boots, ankle, and shoulder wraps.

Hot & Cold Therapy

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