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Clinical Supplies\Hot & Cold Therapy\Cold Therapy

Cold Pack Blue Vinyl, Standard (11" x 14") (021380) page #43C

Item Number: CHATT-11394

* Standard: 11" x 14"
* Individual pack; also sold in case of 6
* Cold Therapy helps reduce pain by blocking or slowing down the transmission of pain in the affected area.
* Ensures effective cold therapy regardless of body area or shape.
* Outer material: Blue Vinyl (Latex-Free)
* Other shapes and sizes available in Blue Vinyl or Black Polyurethane

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Hot\Cold Flat Packs, Polyurethane, Standard 10" x 13.5" (020713)

Package includes, one standard sized torex hot & cold flat pack

Product Details

  • Use For: General purpose hot cold therapy 
  • Dimension: 10" x 13.5"
  • Material: Polyurethane

$12.95 EA

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