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Clinical Supplies\Hot & Cold Therapy\Cold Therapy\PSI Ice Packs

PSI Ice Packs

Flex-Gel Cold Therapy 5"x10" cold only

PSI Flex-GelTM Products provide a noninvasive, drug-free form of therapy and are constructed of a unique plastic that is soft to the touch for a user friendly application to the body. This special formulation ensures flexibility even when in the freezer for extensive periods of time, which in turn yields the maximum amount of effectiveness by allowing the packs to conform to the anatomy. These therapeutic gel packs are self-insulating, which minimizes the risk of frostbite or tissue damage. You should, however, use a barrier between the skin and the gel pack. One of our linen covers, terry covers, or flex wraps are perfect for this! If you do not have access to these products then a towel will work as a barrier.

$4.99 EA

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